Versatility of Art and Design Education

art and design education    Contemporary art and design orientations are not focusing on the author as a creator, or the scientific construction of the design solution, but on the reader, viewer, consumer and the possibilities of multiple interpretation. In addition, art and design education focuses on the interpretation of the audience: the consumer, viewer or reader, and encourages Art Designers to adapt their visual messages to the special characteristics of the target audience of each project.

Although the main goal of art and design classes is communication and meaning, each  degree program focuses on different components of the communication model sender – message – receiver. Design as art takes care of personal content and expression, design as a science cares about comprehensive presentation of objective information, and the design as a language is concerned about how the audience reads and interprets the text and content. Profession that specializes visual communication would be in the center of this communication revolution.

The peculiarity of the art and design studies  refer to the circumstance that on the same place are studied art and design fields that are closely related: Fashion Design, Fashion and textile design, Design and manufacture of bags, Product Design, Set Design, Interior Design, Interior Design for Hotels, Transportation Design – Car Design and Industrial Design.

This opens up endless possibilities for cooperation on projects, just as in real business world, constant possibility of interdisciplinary team work on real assignments from the branch, possibilities of permanent cooperation of the students in all these studies on the field of market and business communications with particular attention paid to adaptation to current business situations with all the requirements that accompany them. This is why we need highly trained designers who will apply the expertise of visual communication to a range of communication technologies, especially in a time of interactive media, computer connection and software that incorporate new dimensions of sound, motion, time and virtual space.