Tune up your talent by pursuing a fashion degree

fashion design degreeStudents enrolled into the Fashion Design degree program are being educated to become fashion designers that are able to follow fashion trends, interpret fashion development and acquire the ability to independently send-off model through all the stages of development: the selection of materials, through preliminary sketches to final product realization. Fashion Design program as a part of art and design education main goal is to provide exceptionally good students and help them to develop creative skills and a high degree of artistic and technical knowledge. A student who obtains a degree has mastered the skills necessary to work independently, and is fully prepared for successful integration into the system of mass production. After three years of education, students will acquire Bachelor of Arts Degree.

The Fashion Design program includes basic studies on equal acquisition of theoretical knowledge as well as development of practical skill up to the highest standards of modern industrial production. During the course of the educational program, students will have the opportunity to study the following subjects: Fashion Design, Culture of Fashion, Visual expression, Art History, Drawing, Fashion Illustration, Visual Communication etc… Practical work is part of the required campus or online classes and takes place in cooperation with fashion companies.

The focus of the curriculum is set on modern teaching with methods as computer applications applicable in design without which one cannot imagine working in the fashion industry today. Students will acquire general and professional knowledge through the provided literature, the Internet as well as with the help latest technology modeling machines. To successfully master the fashion degree program, regular attendance of lectures is necessary.

The success of a fashion collection nowadays is closely associated with the applied technique of increasing sales and effective marketing presentation. Over time a need for new job position in the system of production placement of textile products arisen, and developed a new profession: Fashion Manager. Management in the field of fashion design is a necessity in modern business practice and industrial production. Basic studies lasts three years, including practical work in two fashion houses, after which students gains a Bachelor degree in Fashion Management. In addition to the primary areas of marketing and management, the curriculum includes studying fashion through the wider historical and sociological aspects. During the coursework is required to practice in one a fashion house where the students are getting familiar with the entire production systems, distribution and marketing of goods on the market. During the study the development of students is closely monitored, providing them a range of practical information necessary for career development. Fashion Managers are trained to work in high positions in the organization of textile companies, namely as production managers, director of marketing, sales promoter, director of import-export, sales manager, and manager of public relations.