Textile and Fashion Design

art and design - textile and fashion

Art and Design online program for future fashion designers enables students to acquire in-depth technical, aesthetic and design knowledge and skills that are applicable in every fashion category, for each target group and at any specific market.

During these art and design degree classes students develop superior design skills in the field of textiles and fashion, while particularly highlighting important artistic design components. Through practical training students adopt knowledge on all aspects of Fashion Design: theoretical level, history of costumes, color theory and fashion illustration, as well as practical knowledge of fabrics, sewing and production of templates, designing with computer software, as well as how to design different types of accessories which are required for presentation of their clothes.


Other than providing students with knowledge for their future career as Designers, it is vital to support each student in a special way in order to prepare him for any specific task and to teach him how to address problems as a professional designer; to educate the future innovator not to recognize present day’s boundaries of existing knowledge but to be willing to explore and implement his ideas while using creativity and science.


The main goal of this fashion design course is reflected in the provision of professional fashion and apparel designers for the needs of textile and clothing industry; designers who are competent to work in large, medium and small companies that produce fashion and textile products; designers that can improve form and structure of all fashion products (clothing and textiles), and indirectly affect the development of fashion design; designers capable of dictating the progress in development of clothing and textiles. This capability is reflected in designing products that can satisfy different needs of textile and fashion industry, small business, trade, sports, tourism, furniture, fashion companies such as salons, studios, houses of beauty, as well as the media where fashion is a major aesthetics factor for functionality of communication.


During the study, students have the opportunity to become familiar with practical work in all areas of textile and fashion through practical exercises and professional practice in private workshops and factories, where they gain valuable experience.

Upon completion of art and design degree program students become professional designers and the acquired knowledge provides them employment and career in areas that require theoretical or practical knowledge of textile and fashion design.