Painting and visual arts

Art ClassesThe philosophy of these online art and design courses is based on the transformation characterized by practice of contemporary art that left the restrictions of “Fine Art” in order to integrate with different social environments.

Art and design studies in the field of painting and visual arts imply studying of artistic techniques, from experimentation trough acquiring traditional academic skills. These courses include studying various disciplines such as sculpture, photography, film, video art.

Painting and visual arts  study program consists of  individual and interactive instructions, many hours of practice and a wide range of elective courses. Painting classes include basic, master and specialist academic studies.

The initial steps of the curriculum are based on the observation of live models, and later the program encourages students to experiment with form, space and color for the purpose of discovering new possibilities of expression and authenticity of expression.

The main goal of painting classes  is through artistic and theoretical courses to form a creative, responsible professional artists, with a clear artistic expression, capable to cope with the most complex tasks. Establishing a relationship of mutual trust, taking into account the differences and respecting individuality is what contributes to a positive result in such a sensitive matter that is told with the language of art.

Nature is in direct confrontation with reality, intuition, instinct, intellectual meditation and a lot more things that are primordial in us, is the motive of the study program, all that for students to enrich visual thinking and general culture, to better understand and interpret art and to acquire basic educational skills, methods and experiences that will serve them in their personal work and working with others.

It is necessary to illuminate the path that brings us closer to something that isStudents painting as complex as the painting, and this path must have basis in historical-critical and philosophical-aesthetics nature. The key to success is the personal, communicative and pedagogical approach.

Painting and visual arts  online classes, offer students an opportunity to experiment with a continuous creativity in their search for new aesthetic choices.

Art and design degree programs enable students to prepare for a career in art, but it is also necessary to support the engagement of museum and gallery job occupation.