Contemporary Concepts of Art and design education

Art and Design ClassColleges of Art and design are providing education to students through a range of painting fields and prepare them for independent action in the visual design on  two dimensional surfaces. The art and design education is conceived in a way that correlates with the educational subjects of art history, design theory and other subjects of this field, therefore enabling art degree students to explore the visual language and adopt theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, as well as individual development drawing and painting sensibilities and creativity, which is one of the main goals the online art degree program.

By Learning history of contemporary art and design students gain knowledge in: the appearance and artistic groups, knowledge in relevant work of famous authors by visualization of materials, understanding the reasons for the occurrence of certain phenomena – what, how and why they occur. Developing and enriching approaches and gaining large fund of knowledge about contemporary art and design Continue reading

What exactly Art and design education involves

online art educationThe improvement in the many art and design colleges curriculum nowadays is focused on the cognitive dimension and the socializing role of art. Online art and design courses are complied with the standards, principles and content of visual education. Students learn most effectively when their artistic expression precedes learning and when it was founded on specific visual-expressive and formative experiences, coupled with a certain artistic works of visual content or situations, and applied to their visual environment. Art and design degree programs are designed to expand and examine the levels of visual literacy as well as artistic and technical knowledge. The ideas and knowledge that students develop is more gradually expanded and re-created along with the growth of experience of artistic expression and conceptualization ability. Continue reading

Learn more about Graphic Design College Education

Graphic design classesGraphic design degree graduates are dealing with visual design of books and magazines, promotional material, production of business cards, posters, creating visual identity. Graphic designers primarily take into account the fact that objects are designed to look attractive, visible and recognizable. It can be said that graphic design students learn “visual communication”. The Graphic designer shapes the product, taking into account the aesthetic appearance and harmony of the whole package. He calculates the cost of the material, corrects the samples of the printed materials, and solves a variety of technical problems during implementation. Students enrolled in graphic design education are using computers, equipped with high-end graphics applications, which allow three-dimensional display and animation. Continue reading

Education and Training courses Offered in Art and Design Degree Programs

Art and Design degreesArt and Design education is based largely on the visual-creative potential of students and developing their abilities to work in teams and achieve excellent results. The curriculum offers to students a broader general education in a way that is not on at the expense of the basic education for specific occupations. Art and design degree programs are an element that connects two branches that are close to the art and technology. The modern advancement in design is an indicator and in the same time momentum in the progress and economic development in the present economic conditions. The primary subjects in art design courses allow students to acquire basic methodological and fundamental knowledge of the art & design profession, become familiar with different methodologies, philosophy of fine arts, specific basic skills, especially skills developed from the constant use in the individual areas of graphic design, multimedia and product design. Continue reading