Master’s Degrees

Masters of Art Degree

The Master’s Program in Art and Design aims to provide training for those pursuing a career in art and for those who wish to have higher skills and practical design and application abilities. This type of program can provide students with a curriculum that covers a wide array of subjects from theoretical studies to production of art work. It aims to provide a continuing education for those who are already working in society.

Master degree studies in Art and Design lasts an average of about two years. To begin this degree, a bachelor of fine arts or a bachelor degree in a related field is required. The program provides students with a highly technical, practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of Art and Design. Under the supervision of experts, students gain the critical knowledge of the development and the key concepts in the field of Art and Design.

Art and Design Masters degree programs give students training at a higher level. They can enroll in any online or campus degree program in order to learn art history and theory, boost their artistic portfolio and improve on technical details. Students can enroll for art design courses in Animation and visual effects, Creative writing, Fine art, Graphic design degree, Illustration, Photography, Fashion design, Industrial design, Interior architecture and design, Motion pictures and television, Computer arts and new media, Fashion design, Industrial design, Interior architecture and design, Motion pictures and television,  etc.

A Masters degree in art and design is a response to the evident need of highly qualified experts in the field of graphic and web design, multimedia design, photo, video and TV productions. There is a high demand and need for the knowledge, skills and creative abilities of a person who holds a masters degree in art and design.

Online art degree programs are designed to link the knowledge in the field of management with specific expertise within the sector. It provides the opportunity to combine theory with practice and gives students different skills needed to succeed in the areas of design, fashion and media in the world of business.