Guide on popular Art and Design study programs

colleges with art and design studiesStudies of Art and design, as an academic and intellectual activity are manifested through the creation of artifacts, mainly intended for social consumption. Therefore art and design schools are a professional response to the current creative potential of individuals. The acquired creative and practical skills of artists are more and more in demand, because the world we live is becoming more culturally complexed, sophisticated, and as such it requires complex solutions, and results. The art and design degree programs are formulated by the long tradition in education and the contemporary developments of the theory and practice in the field of Art. The goal of the art and design courses is to create, artistically and technically educated, responsible professionals that are competent and qualified for the creative and artistic work in the field of art and design.
With the successful completion of the degree program students will acquire a title: Bachelor in art and design, which enables students to meet up with the requirements of the chosen orientation and ensure their career, or continue their education with further professional education.
Design is a creative activity with main goal of achieving a variety of quality products, processes, services and their systems. As a central factor of the innovative humanization of technologies along with the added value of products, systems or services, it occupies an important role in many developmental processes of our society and is particularly valuable in the contemporary cultural and economic exchange.
Graphic Design Degree program - The goal of graphic design education is acquisition of professional skills needed for dealing with graphic design. After the first two years of study in which are acquired the basics in visual arts  through drawing, painting, basic graphics, anatomical drawing, design forms, history and theory of art etc … The students in third year are attending professional oriented classes like Graphic Communications, spatial graphics, typography etc … through which, in addition to the theoretical courses, are developing knowledge and skills needed to qualify for their professional commitment. In the final year are directed to projects in the vocational subjects: graphic communications and spatial graphics.
Interior Design Degree program - The Interior Design program module provides highly professional, competent and creative engagement in designing individual residential buildings, weekend houses, flats and Interior of other functional content, adaptation, reconstruction and remodeling of existing buildings, urban design, landscape designing, designing of street furniture, advertising and the like, as well as designing unique furniture, reconstruction and revitalization of the stylish interior and Furniture. Teaching is both theoretical and practical, through the process of an large number of exercises – projects of interior and furniture development and  development of prototypes models.
The Industrial Design degree Program offers education to future industrial designers, for a very wide field of industrial production of consumer products and tools, apparatus and instruments for different purposes. The program includes courses for gaining expertise in the necessary knowledge and skills in order to fully develop the natural abilities of students in the perception and expression in the visual media and their tendency to support the creation of modern, industrially realized artificial world. The main goal of the program is consisted of educating creative, professional and socially responsible individuals, that are artistically and technically educated, capable of teamwork and solving practical problems.