Education and Training courses Offered in Art and Design Degree Programs

Art and Design degreesArt and Design education is based largely on the visual-creative potential of students and developing their abilities to work in teams and achieve excellent results. The curriculum offers to students a broader general education in a way that is not on at the expense of the basic education for specific occupations. Art and design degree programs are an element that connects two branches that are close to the art and technology. The modern advancement in design is an indicator and in the same time momentum in the progress and economic development in the present economic conditions. The primary subjects in art design courses allow students to acquire basic methodological and fundamental knowledge of the art & design profession, become familiar with different methodologies, philosophy of fine arts, specific basic skills, especially skills developed from the constant use in the individual areas of graphic design, multimedia and product design.
Art degree courses are offered in a form of mandatory lectures, experimental work and individual projects. The aim of the study is to educate students to master the following skills: to prepare a responsible, independent and professional student, increase the connection between the theoretical and practical learning, develop a positive work ethic to increase the ability to communicate and use computer technology and develop a broader professional skills
The art and design degree program includes classes in visual design with technical, practical as well as theoretical content. The Insistence in high quality teaching and the curriculum comprehends the utilization of knowledge in all the above-mentioned individual areas of research as an independent activity that comes from the individual areas of art and design.
Online art and design courses are set up as a scientific and artistic study which educates graphic designers, production design and multimedia design, qualified for work in the creative constitution of the environment in order to meet individual and collective needs. Skills and techniques that students gain in the degree program of their studies is focused to benefit the society.
Students who graduate at art and design schools in the department of graphic design graduate receive a title of graphic designer and interactive media.