Design, Marketing and Communications

Design Communication classesThe main objective of  Design of Marketing Communication class as a part of the art and design degree program is to educate students in “Art Direction”, being a field that forms marketing communications. This educational program enables students to develop an ability to create connections, networks and it consolidates all the aspects from which new ideas and creative solutions arise from.

Try to imagine following situation: You go to store in order to buy your favorite products. Your view slides over the shelves and on them you see a myriad of products, all packaged in identical white containers, there are no colors, no letters, no pictures. You end up being confused because you can’t make a difference between products.

We can hardly imagine all the consequences that this situation could cause. One consequence would be that we are denied the essential element of personal freedom – freedom of choice.

Yet there is a career which primary objective is to enable us to distinguish products and thus provide a choice – the design of marketing communications.

Contemporary theoretical orientations are not focusing on the author – creator or the scientific construction for design solution, but on the reader, viewer – consumer and also on multiple possibilities of interpretation. In addition, this new focus is centered on the interpretation of audience: a consumer / viewer / reader, encourages designers to adapt their visual messages for the special characteristics of targeted audience of each project.

Although the main concerns of these orientations are communication and meaning, each one focuses on different components of “sender – message – receiver” communication model. Design, as a way of art, takes care of personal content and expression. Design, as a science, takes care about comprehensive presentation of objective information, and design, as a way of communication, is concerned about how the audience reads and interprets the text and content. A career which specializes in visual communications would be in the center of the communication revolution. This is why there is a big demand for highly trained designers that have an expertise of a range of visual communication and communication technologies, especially because we live in era of interactive media, computer connection and software that incorporates new dimensions of sound, motion, time and virtual space.