Design and Development of Packaging

Designing a productPhysical protection is not the only one function in the development of packaging design. The protective function is just one of a number of conditions that a package should satisfy so we could call it well-designed product. Modern packaging design aims to anticipate, solve problems and meet the needs of an entire life cycle. People learn how to design  product packages at art and design classes by enroling into art and design degree programs available at some of the top art and design colleges, listed on our Site.

When designing the package of the product the designers see from the perspective of the product consumer. First the environment of the product should be perseived, whether it is sold in small shops, supermarkets, shopping centers. It is surrounded by a multitude of identical products, so one of the important function of packaging is to be emphasized. There are many methods by which we can solve the problem of emphasizing (color, shape, illustration).

With the design of packaging you should ensure the advantage over its competition. It is possible to provide with proper organization of data on the packaging. It is necessary to decide which key advantage to highlight (price, quantity, taste, usability …) and give it the most important place on the product.

It is also necessary to make the packaging intelligible, which comes from a well-organized hierarchy of information. It should be mentioned that the visibility of secondary data (composition, durability, function …) is extremely important for a positive attitude of the customer towards products, especially in recent times, when the composition of the product (eg, due to GMO issues) has become a key factor in the selection. In “winning customer’s trust” success has the intelligent use of packaging options, such as colors that respond to temperature (eg packaging for beer with a small thermometer that occurs when the temperature of the product is optimal for human consumption).

In the end, the packaging has to be practical for use. Surely all of us have at least a few times in our life felt how packaging can actually be “obstacle” in the use of the product.

The packaging must be seen as an investment, not an expense. Unfortunately, many manufacturers still see the designing of packaging through the initial cost of design, thereby not taking into account the possible gain from the appropriate design of their product’s packaging.