Creativity in Art Design

Designing the product appearanceWhen you ask a successful designer where he finds inspiration, he will probably answer: “everywhere – I go out for a walk and watch the world around me.” This is really true. But, what he usually doesn’t say is that he knows exactly what to watch, and what to reject and ignore. All of this can be learned on online colleges, where everyone who wants to deal with art design has an opportunity to learn and earn an art and design degree.

There are many great and highly-functional products, everywhere around us. Each of them tells us a story strongly associated with the design, general purpose, as well as the revision conducted by the designer before the product is released to the world. Let’s say the appearance of the Zippo lighter is both friendly and firm, he is a friend who in order to function needs your attention, holds a distinctive odor, is resistant to wind, and above all, when it opens, you are welcomed by its distinctive sound. And, if you ever possessed a Zippo, you must have noticed that he simply teaches you how to hold it while you use it. Generally, Zippo is a product of artistic skills – just as it should be. But the real question is how to make it a reality!?

Karim Rashid, a renowned designer, explains the magical allure of archetypal forms:

“Why do we constantly and consistently, over and over again, return to the archetypes? Take for example a digital camera and its format (proportions, horizontal orientation). All these design features are in fact, the features of a classic camera model, because the film determined the shape of the camera. However, our current cameras do not have a film. Well then why we still have the same form of apparatus on the entire planet? ”

Furthermore, Rashid highlights the characteristics of excellent products, so they should be: approachable to people, sustainable, humane, simple, and with a strong message. The product must have a functional and aesthetic “message.” Because of this the art designer occupation has an important role in making the product.

Shaping the appearance- for example, the design of posters, flyers, packaging or other products designer gives this product “external” contours that make it “readable”, appealing, and ultimately sales desirable.

From all this it is easy to conclude that creativity is the basis of this profession. Curriculums of art and design online colleges has been made in this form so that with dynamic practical training, working on the computer (Adobe software packages), the application of new technologies (multimedia) and a broad range of technical subjects to obtain knowledge that will be competitive in the labor market .

Creativity in the design, the knowledge of graphical technological processes produces a wholeness of knowledge that a student gains after four years of schooling, with receiving a graphic design degree. Students can also pursue further education in one of the fine art universities.