Contemporary Concepts of Art and design education

Art and Design ClassColleges of Art and design are providing education to students through a range of painting fields and prepare them for independent action in the visual design on  two dimensional surfaces. The art and design education is conceived in a way that correlates with the educational subjects of art history, design theory and other subjects of this field, therefore enabling art degree students to explore the visual language and adopt theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, as well as individual development drawing and painting sensibilities and creativity, which is one of the main goals the online art degree program.

By Learning history of contemporary art and design students gain knowledge in: the appearance and artistic groups, knowledge in relevant work of famous authors by visualization of materials, understanding the reasons for the occurrence of certain phenomena – what, how and why they occur. Developing and enriching approaches and gaining large fund of knowledge about contemporary art and design

The art design course further more introduces the complex understanding of contemporary art and design as a legitimate realization of contemporary fashion and fashion design. To students is enabled an insight into the latest issue in development of the artistic practice, since the 60s of the twentieth century to today. An interactive knowledge and experience of cooperation between theorists, contemporary artists – from conceptual, multimedia and performance artist during the educational process as a premise of integrating living art of our time in the structure of contemporary art design.

The degree program concept is quite specialized, students are expected to be interested in understanding the strategies and concepts of aesthetics in contemporary art. With the acquisition of knowledge of contemporary art and design students are guided to the descriptive, interpretative and explicit verbalization of their attitudes, participation in class, literature and the continuous monitoring of recent developments in contemporary art and design. The present framework of courses is interdisciplinary and flexible with Diachronic and synchronic approach to the material.

Colleges of art and design to students offer knowledge of technical terminology to be able to distinct the aesthetic and visual characteristics of certain phenomena and media in contemporary art, gain expanded perception in art field, understand the connection between visual art and social events, training and development of visual perception, develop visual memory archive with relevant works of contemporary art, architecture and design, identifying characteristics of relevant artists and authors, and acquire the ability of paradigmatic works of modern art and design. Student should be able to conceptually differ significant from the unimportant, and to adopt the methodological ways of presenting knowledge.