Career Guide

Visual artists express their thoughts and feelings through procedures and materials. They use oil paints, watercolors, pastels, pencils, clay, wood, and other means including computers to create realistic or abstract pictures.

Visual artists work in studios or in their own homes. These spaces are usually well lit and inevitably captured with the scent of adhesives, paints and other art materials.

Visual artist degree graduates work in a sitting or standing position. Normally, artists working for a publishing house or company work 40 hours a week. Artists who are not employed full-time work as many hours per day as they want, but often spend considerable time and efforts to sell and display their works.

Architect at work

An Architect designs and supervises the construction of various buildings including residential homes, schools and skyscrapers. Buildings must be functional, safe and economical to meet the needs of users.

In addition to user needs, the buildings should meet the demands of the environment and of the investors who input money for the project.

Architects usually work in comfortable offices. Much of their time is spent engaged in discussions with investors or certain professionals such as engineers, designers and surveyors.

Interior designers devise a space by decorating and arranging. Arranging a place begins by determining the appeal of the floors and walls, and then filling the room with furniture. Elements which regulate the area are selected from various catalogs. In the case that they do not find appropriate furniture, they design it them self.

Interior designers work in comfortable, well-lit offices. However, part of their time is spent visiting other sites. They use computers equipped with high-end graphic programs, which allow three-dimensional display and animation. Their job requires hard work and a great deal of commitment. Because some of their jobs require more than just their normal work hours to complete, they often remain at work longer or work at home.

Fashion Design work


Fashion designers create clothing and footwear that follow current fashion trends. They sometimes work in a theater or on a movie set. However, there are more fashion designers employed in industrial plants to design new fashion collections. Few are engaged in independent designing because only a hand full of fashion designers can achieve great publicity and charge at high prices.


Web Designers are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of a web site. Web Designers are related to information technology. Their job position is usually in an office environment, although very often they can work from home. Psychological strain is present due to the need of constant work and concentration. Web Designers often have flexible working hours.