Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor Graduate

The main objective of a Bachelor of Arts and Design degree program is to educate individuals on creativity and design. It is important that they will learn how to work individually and as a team.

Generally, a bachelor of art and design program lasts four years or eight semesters.

The first year consists more of a general education course load. They will be able to learn general art and design, photography, visual communication, drawing and sculpting. Thus, students get a basic knowledge of drawing, painting, sculpting, color, video, animation, graphics, information technology, textile design, art direction, space and objects, geometry, art history, study images, film, management and English.

During the second year of a school of art and design program, students will learn more specific studies so that they can specialize in a specific area like internal architecture, industrial design, graphic design and visual communications, set design, textiles, fashion and film. These more specialized courses are required, on top of the more general courses in drawing, painting and sculpture, art history, studio pictures and the English language. Classes are often complemented by meetings and discussions with personalities from the world of art.

The curriculum is usually divided into six modules:

• Graphic Design
• Industrial Design
• Interior Design
• Fashion Design
• Visual communications
• Web Design and Development

 As a third year student in an art and design education program, student workload will require them to know how to solve tasks in specialized areas requiring intensive creative work.

In the fourth year, the educational program focuses further on the specialization of students. There is also a brief internship opportunity that will help a student experience and gain knowledge. At the end of the year, students are required to present their independent projects. In addition to the general subjects required for study, third and fourth year students are required to take classes on theoretical, social and humanistic subjects. They also have the option to take elective courses.

The study program provides students with specific knowledge and skills to improve design, creativity and art. In general, this program will help students to conduct modern concepts, research, technology, presentations and their applications in the following ways:

• The student becomes familiar with the history of art and design, visual communications and other theoretical disciplines which act as a prerequisite for artistic practice.
• The department-specific module allows students to be specialized for particular creative professions in the field of design and arts.
• The student acquires the skills necessary for creative work.
• Upon producing the final project, students further develop creativity and preparation for independent artistic activity and future career opportunities.
• After the completion of a basic study program, the student is qualified to begin a career and continue studying at the graduate academic level – master degree.

Art and design college graduates are presented with the opportunity of jobs in different fields of art, design and visual arts.