Associate’s Degree

Associate degree

An associate’s degree in an Art and Design program offers students the professional competence and knowledge of art that can be used for professional work within the different fields of art and design. The basic knowledge and training that a student can gain through an art and design course are related to specific professional and generic skills that can be demonstrated in all areas of art activities.

Schools of Art and Design are creative centers, whose primary task is to encourage and develop individual and contemporary artistic expression using creativity, structural elements and techniques. The competency of those who have an Associates in Art and Design has been developed by the specific knowledge and skills that students have acquired in the field of art through specific programs. These students are also able to gain the experience, knowledge and skills in the field of contemporary art including visual aesthetic and creative areas, as well as theoretical and /or experiential knowledge.

Special attention is devoted to contemporary and alternative techniques and their combination with modern media. Students are encouraged to use their experiences of contemporary art practices and media access. Students will work on exhibition project s. They will learn to analyze and evaluate their creative ideas, choose the best ones and then present the final work.

With this approach, the online art degree will provide students with a stable position in which they will be able to successfully build upon in the domestic and international scene. It is challenging because there of the new artistic industry, but it also provides a great opportunity.

Some of the most popular art and design associate programs that students enroll in are:

Art and design – The objective of the course is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of the historical and cultural context of art and technology, the potential use of computer technology in the process of creating complex interactive shapes, the technological trends in art and commercial production, a wide range of artistic disciplines and their successful combination of interdisciplinary professional production and presentation of application techniques in a way in which the same act on the acceptance of the artwork.

Fashion Design – The main goal is to introduce students to the constant values and cyclical changes in the fashion industry through the concepts of trend and style. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create a custom garment meeting the current fashion trends and the ability of stylization of any garment in a new, modern and actual design.

Graphic Design – Offers professional knowledge in the field of publication design, illustration, fractures (catalogs, magazines, monographs and electronic forms thereof). Students will get an understanding of the narrow professional terms and graphic design elements, with insight into the historical and cultural context of art, design and technology tools.

The employment opportunities for those with an Associate of Arts and Design are enormous. There is the possibility of employment in science, education (college, advisory sites) and even the Conservation Department for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. They also have a good chance to obtain employment in government institutions related to conservation of cultural and artistic heritage, museums and galleries, as well as electronic and print media.