Art Design Schools

Western Governors University
Western Governors University is a private, non-profit university located in Salt Lake City, Utah, with offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Indiana. The university provides an education for students from all 50 states. WGU works to increase admittance for advanced schooling through online, centered degree programs. The university welcomes students living in the United States and some regions of Canada.
South University
South University is a private academic school, founded more than a century ago. Its main mission is to offer extensive schooling for the specialization of the student. South University offers a wide range of undergraduate associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, created to help college students to get started on their professional career. Students receive individualized attention and support from instructors, making it easy to identify their set goals for the future and the methods to accomplish them.
Academy College
Academy College was founded over 75 years ago with the dedication to prepare students for educational, personal and professional achievement by means of outstanding, career-focused programs. These programs would help a student acquire the necessary skill to last a life-time. Academy College offers exceptional classroom education, student support, scheduling options and a career setting guidance for graduates.
Belhaven University
Belhaven University is a privately owned Christian liberal arts university located in Jackson, Mississippi. It was established by Dr. Lewis Fitzhugh. Belhaven is an accredited university offering students associates, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. In addition to more specific and specialized majors, general course studies are also offered. In addition, there are pre-qualified programs in Christian Ministry, Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Nursing and Medical Technology.