Art Design Schools

Brown Mackie College
Brown Mackie College was founded by Alexander Brown Mackie and Perry E. Brown in Salina, Kansas over 120 years ago. Brown Mackie College is
a collection of for-profit educational institutions for career preparation in the business, legal, health sciences, information technology,
and creative fields. With over 25 locations nationwide and six career-focused areas of study, we’re here to help you get the education you need to start a career.
Jones International University
Jones International University is a for-profit, regionally accredited university offering degrees in education and business.
Through the enabling power of education, Jones International University endeavors to help create a world where it is more likely that reasonable human needs are met, where the environment is self-sustained, and especially where there is less conflict, less fear and more justice
JIU academic programs are designed to serve the needs of learners to help them achieve their educational goals, lead richer lives, and shape the futures of their organizations and communities.
Berkeley College
Berkeley College is a proprietary higher education institution founded in 1931, specializing in business and professional studies.
Berkeley College offers Bachelor’s degrees, Associate’s degrees, and online programs that combine rigorous academics and hands-on experience to
prepare students for successful careers.
  Robert Morris University
Robert Morris University is a privately owned institution in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that was established in 1921. It is devoted to productive education and student accomplishment. RMU offers 60 undergraduate & 20 graduate degree programs in 5 educational institutions. It is known for introducing liberal arts with a properly targeted, applied education and learning that prepares college students to be leaders in this society.
The Art Institutes
The Art Institutes are independent, for-profit art colleges based in Pittsburgh. With more than 50 Institutions throughout the US, AI offers master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees and non-degree program certificates in culinary arts. The academic certification and the programs at The Art Institutes can vary depending on campus location and programs.