Art & Design Degrees

Art and Design

Designers invent, develop and model the environment to make objects more functional, more beautiful and more interesting to people. Designers are divided into different branches of design, but their activities are often intertwined with other sectors of design. Therefore, they rarely deal with only one branch.

They are responsible for the appearance of everything around us from magazines, books and posters to clothing, computers, cars and buildings. Therefore, designers must be creative and have the ability to make sensible, aesthetic judgments. It is important that designers are able to clearly show a variety of skills in different environments through drawing and design tactics. It is also essential that designers possess highly developed communication skills.

Art and Design Degree programs consist of art classes that teach skills that are theoretical and practical. The educational process that someone in this field goes through is a path of learning and studying conceptual design and eventually applying and realizing it in the real world.

Art & Design classes are mostly individualized and take place in specialized workshops (classrooms), studios and art laboratories. The theoretical and practical work provides the student with methods and content to reach a high level of knowledge in art and skills. This enables students to recognize unique design and integrate with the team production process.

Fashion Degree Classes

Upon graduation, a Fashion Degree Program student is able to use knowledge in practice or by continuing education.

Some occupations and activities that students can participate in after graduating include:

  •  Designer of unique clothes
  • Designer of ready-made clothes
  • Designer of fashion accessories, jewelry, hats, shoes
  • Costume designer in the theater, on film, on TV
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Activities related to a clothing-store organization such as purchasing, selling, arranging, and advising
  • A journalist in the field of fashion and costume design
  • Organizer of fashion events, fairs, exhibitions, fashion shows

Interior Design Degree Classes

After graduating, students will be able to independently create interior designs.

Some of the necessary skills needed to excel in this occupation are:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Interior design: Students must be prepared for independent work related to interior design and be able to read and develop architectural drawings
  • Structure Materials: Students will understand and have the knowledge of the structure of wood for furniture.
  • Materials technology: Students will have the basic knowledge about the properties, processing technology, standardization and application of materials.

Interior Design degree graduates can find employment/plan a future in the following branches:

  •  Design and architectural offices (i.e. a draftsman in AutoCAD)
  • Furniture stores as consultants for interior decoration
  • Or they can continue their education in architecture, design and related matters.

Graphic Design Degree Program

Students acquire a broad knowledge in the field of art graphics that enables self-characterization of their graphic art creations, from graphic design work in graphic studies, knowledge of computer skills for illustrator work (books and newspaper and work in the field of graphic arts) and knowledge of all forms of graphic printing.

Graphic design students will develop the following skills and knowledge upon graduation:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Graphic design: All areas of contemporary visual communication through the work of modern computer graphics programs
  • Graphic techniques: Students master the knowledge of traditional graphic techniques.
  • Illustrations: Techniques of illustrating books, covers, comics, cartoons, posters and magazines with the default text as a template

Fine Arts and Design Program

Art and design students are trained for independent work in restoration and conservation projects, as well as design solutions, illustrations, and murals. They are taught different painting techniques for exterior and interior design.

Fine Arts and Design students will develop the following skills and knowledge after graduating:

  •   Drawing and painting: Development of visual art perspective and speech
  • Painting techniques: Education in the field of painting techniques
  • Painting and design: Technical training for students to independently compose visual elements on a given topic or theme
  • Art technology: Working with traditional painting materials and technology and research new materials
  • Restoration and painting copy: Mastering theoretical and practical knowledge of conservation/restoration

Web Design Degree Program

A Web Design Degree program prepares students for the design and creation of web sites. Students will learn how to design structures and methods which will be presented on the Internet, how to create visual identities, advertising and various kinds of PHP forms. The degree program will also introduce to students to the production and marketing of a successful and independent business plan in the modern business environment.

Web Design and Development students will develop the following skills and knowledge after graduating:

  •  The basics of HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Java Script
  • Flash + Action Script
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Dynamic web pages – ASPX and working with databases
  • Web Design and Development