Guide on popular Art and Design study programs

colleges with art and design studiesStudies of Art and design, as an academic and intellectual activity are manifested through the creation of artifacts, mainly intended for social consumption. Therefore art and design schools are a professional response to the current creative potential of individuals. The acquired creative and practical skills of artists are more and more in demand, because the world we live is becoming more culturally complexed, sophisticated, and as such it requires complex solutions, and results. The art and design degree programs are formulated by the long tradition in education and the contemporary developments of the theory and practice in the field of Art. The goal of the art and design courses is to create, artistically and technically educated, responsible professionals that are competent and qualified for the creative and artistic work in the field of art and design. Continue reading

Tune up your talent by pursuing a fashion degree

fashion design degreeStudents enrolled into the Fashion Design degree program are being educated to become fashion designers that are able to follow fashion trends, interpret fashion development and acquire the ability to independently send-off model through all the stages of development: the selection of materials, through preliminary sketches to final product realization. Fashion Design program as a part of art and design education main goal is to provide exceptionally good students and help them to develop creative skills and a high degree of artistic and technical knowledge. A student who obtains a degree has mastered the skills necessary to work independently, and is fully prepared for successful integration into the system of mass production. After three years of education, students will acquire Bachelor of Arts Degree. Continue reading