Painting and visual arts

Art ClassesThe philosophy of these online art and design courses is based on the transformation characterized by practice of contemporary art that left the restrictions of “Fine Art” in order to integrate with different social environments.

Art and design studies in the field of painting and visual arts imply studying of artistic techniques, from experimentation trough acquiring traditional academic skills. These courses include studying various disciplines such as sculpture, photography, film, video art.

Painting and visual arts  study program consists of  individual and interactive instructions, many hours of practice and a wide range of elective courses. Painting classes include basic, master and specialist academic studies.

The initial steps of the curriculum are based on the observation of live models, and later the program encourages students to experiment with form, space and color for the purpose of discovering new possibilities of expression and authenticity of expression. Continue reading

Guide on popular Art and Design study programs

colleges with art and design studiesStudies of Art and design, as an academic and intellectual activity are manifested through the creation of artifacts, mainly intended for social consumption. Therefore art and design schools are a professional response to the current creative potential of individuals. The acquired creative and practical skills of artists are more and more in demand, because the world we live is becoming more culturally complexed, sophisticated, and as such it requires complex solutions, and results. The art and design degree programs are formulated by the long tradition in education and the contemporary developments of the theory and practice in the field of Art. The goal of the art and design courses is to create, artistically and technically educated, responsible professionals that are competent and qualified for the creative and artistic work in the field of art and design. Continue reading

Tune up your talent by pursuing a fashion degree

fashion design degreeStudents enrolled into the Fashion Design degree program are being educated to become fashion designers that are able to follow fashion trends, interpret fashion development and acquire the ability to independently send-off model through all the stages of development: the selection of materials, through preliminary sketches to final product realization. Fashion Design program as a part of art and design education main goal is to provide exceptionally good students and help them to develop creative skills and a high degree of artistic and technical knowledge. A student who obtains a degree has mastered the skills necessary to work independently, and is fully prepared for successful integration into the system of mass production. After three years of education, students will acquire Bachelor of Arts Degree. Continue reading

Contemporary Concepts of Art and design education

Art and Design ClassColleges of Art and design are providing education to students through a range of painting fields and prepare them for independent action in the visual design on  two dimensional surfaces. The art and design education is conceived in a way that correlates with the educational subjects of art history, design theory and other subjects of this field, therefore enabling art degree students to explore the visual language and adopt theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, as well as individual development drawing and painting sensibilities and creativity, which is one of the main goals the online art degree program.

By Learning history of contemporary art and design students gain knowledge in: the appearance and artistic groups, knowledge in relevant work of famous authors by visualization of materials, understanding the reasons for the occurrence of certain phenomena – what, how and why they occur. Developing and enriching approaches and gaining large fund of knowledge about contemporary art and design Continue reading

Textile and Fashion Design

art and design - textile and fashion

Art and Design online program for future fashion designers enables students to acquire in-depth technical, aesthetic and design knowledge and skills that are applicable in every fashion category, for each target group and at any specific market.

During these art and design degree classes students develop superior design skills in the field of textiles and fashion, while particularly highlighting important artistic design components. Through practical training students adopt knowledge on all aspects of Fashion Design: theoretical level, history of costumes, color theory and fashion illustration, as well as practical knowledge of fabrics, sewing and production of templates, designing with computer software, as well as how to design different types of accessories which are required for presentation of their clothes.


Other than providing students with knowledge for their future career as Designers, it is vital to support each student in a special way in order to prepare him for any specific task and to teach him how to address problems as a professional designer; to educate the future innovator not to recognize present day’s boundaries of existing knowledge but to be willing to explore and implement his ideas while using creativity and science. Continue reading

Modern Architecture and Urbanism

Modernist architecture“Modernist architecture” is a broad term commonly used in art and design education that encompasses many design and building styles with similar characteristics. This primarily is regarding simplification of the actual form and removal of decorations.

While attending online art and design classes, through a series of lectures, students are introduced to the emergence and development of Modernism in architecture. It is believed that Van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier are pioneers of modern architecture. The term “modernism” is taken from the French language and marks the modernity of art and design .

To some art historians, this also includes the postmodern architecture. “Modernist architecture”, as a part of the art and design online degree program  mainly is concerned on celebrating the well known Art Nouveau, which in different countries is known under different names. Continue reading

Versatility of Art and Design Education

art and design education    Contemporary art and design orientations are not focusing on the author as a creator, or the scientific construction of the design solution, but on the reader, viewer, consumer and the possibilities of multiple interpretation. In addition, art and design education focuses on the interpretation of the audience: the consumer, viewer or reader, and encourages Art Designers to adapt their visual messages to the special characteristics of the target audience of each project.

Although the main goal of art and design classes is communication and meaning, each  degree program focuses on different components of the communication model sender – message – receiver. Design as art takes care of personal content and expression, design as a science cares about comprehensive presentation of objective information, and the design as a language is concerned about how the audience reads and interprets the text and content. Profession that specializes visual communication would be in the center of this communication revolution. Continue reading

Creativity in Art Design

Designing the product appearanceWhen you ask a successful designer where he finds inspiration, he will probably answer: “everywhere – I go out for a walk and watch the world around me.” This is really true. But, what he usually doesn’t say is that he knows exactly what to watch, and what to reject and ignore. All of this can be learned on online colleges, where everyone who wants to deal with art design has an opportunity to learn and earn an art and design degree.

There are many great and highly-functional products, everywhere around us. Each of them tells us a story strongly associated with the design, general purpose, as well as the revision conducted by the designer before the product is released to the world. Let’s say the appearance of the Zippo lighter is both friendly and firm, he is a friend who in order to function needs your attention, holds a distinctive odor, is resistant to wind, and above all, when it opens, you are welcomed by its distinctive sound. And, if you ever possessed a Zippo, you must have noticed that he simply teaches you how to hold it while you use it. Generally, Zippo is a product of artistic skills – just as it should be. But the real question is how to make it a reality!? Continue reading

Design, Marketing and Communications

Design Communication classesThe main objective of  Design of Marketing Communication class as a part of the art and design degree program is to educate students in “Art Direction”, being a field that forms marketing communications. This educational program enables students to develop an ability to create connections, networks and it consolidates all the aspects from which new ideas and creative solutions arise from.

Try to imagine following situation: You go to store in order to buy your favorite products. Your view slides over the shelves and on them you see a myriad of products, all packaged in identical white containers, there are no colors, no letters, no pictures. You end up being confused because you can’t make a difference between products.

We can hardly imagine all the consequences that this situation could cause. One consequence would be that we are denied the essential element of personal freedom – freedom of choice.

Yet there is a career which primary objective is to enable us to distinguish products and thus provide a choice Continue reading

Design and Development of Packaging

Designing a productPhysical protection is not the only one function in the development of packaging design. The protective function is just one of a number of conditions that a package should satisfy so we could call it well-designed product. Modern packaging design aims to anticipate, solve problems and meet the needs of an entire life cycle. People learn how to design  product packages at art and design classes by enroling into art and design degree programs available at some of the top art and design colleges, listed on our Site.

When designing the package of the product the designers see from the perspective of the product consumer. First the environment of the product should be perseived, whether it is sold in small shops, supermarkets, shopping centers. It is surrounded by a multitude of identical products, so one of the important function of packaging is to be emphasized. There are many methods by which we can solve the problem of emphasizing (color, shape, illustration). Continue reading

Visual Art and Communication Design

The Degree program of visual art and communication design belongs to a new generation of college degree programs in which the theoretical aspects of this field are studied parallel with the practical application of acquired knowledge. The profession of graphic designers, digital effects designers, film editors in the film and TV industry, web designers in the time of expansion of communication media has been very promising and profitable occupation. With spreading influence of the media industry, continuously increase the need for educated professionals.
Students enrolled in this degree program overcome the technical aspects of the future profession by developing conceptual ideas and abilities to create their further communication with the target audience. The theoretical part of this course affects all aspects required for the acquisition of the necessary knowledge through the study of art history, the basis of visual communication, 2D and 3D design, typography, etc.
Upon completion of studies in the Department of Visual Arts and Communication Design students are ready for an active professional engagement or for further continuing education on an equal footing with their colleagues from universities around the world. Continue reading